K9 Bed Bug Dog Inspections in the Metro Atlanta Area

The most efficient way to quickly determine whether you have bedbugs and their location which of course made
remedation go much better.

At our Atlanta Exterminator Company, we use the most trusted and proven methods to exterminate and remove bed bugs. Call us if you suffer from bed bugs in Atlanta. 

Our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs are specially trained to define the absence or presence of bed bugs in all types of structures. ​​

The dogs olfactory senses are thousands of times better than ours.

We as humans think in terms of vision because that is our greatest sense. Even in speech we say "you should have seen what I saw" or "see it may way". If the dog could talk they would say "you should have smelled what I smelled" or "smell it my way" 

We introduce the bed bugs to the animal at an early age. Their life from that point on revolves around the detection of these insects. Its Fun - A Game to them.

They live a great life. They love to work. They are very helpful in defining bed bug problems. Every dog goes home with their handler and the handler is responsible for the proper care of the animal. Weekly and daily testing is done to insure the accuracy of the inspection. Together the team can do a much more accurate inspection without dismantling the house. They also can do quality control inspections after treatment to verify elimination.Even though they are cute dogs they are very serious about their work.

The handler wears a special smock to let the dog know we are going to work. The dog also wears a special "work collar" when the inspection begins. You will notice the handler will have a "happy voice".

Positive reinforcement to allow the dog to please their handler is critical to the dogs performance. It is like a game to the dogs and they have fun playing the game. The dog is a member of the family and learns to interact with children and normal household life. During work hours their excitement level is heightened by being one-on-one with their handler who they adore.

They can work a limited amount of time at first and are like an athlete and build on their endurance as they perform more inspections. A dog can inspect typically about 50 hotel rooms a day with relative ease and not diminish the quality of the inspection. 

The handler has live bed bugs in a vial that the bed bugs can not escape from. The handler uses these live vials for simulated exercises to insure consistency. Note: These will not be brought into a property and are used for training purposes only.

If you are a Hotel manager or Apartment Manager this can be a great tool to use to be proactive and keep your costs down. 

The dogs can save you considerable expense by defining which units have activity. There are a lot of unnecessary treatments done due to the guesswork of a human inspector. Below is a Youtube Video With the Dog respondiong to 1 bed bug between a mattress and box spring. Verfication is also performed by the handler/Inspector.
bed bug dog K9 Atlanta
bed bug dog K9 bunk beds Atlanta
bed bugs on mattress atlanta
bed bug dog K9 Atlanta

We can do a large volume of units for
property managers.
We can sweep the entire facility which is great for starting with somewhat of a clean slate by knowing where the problems exist.