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Detection & Extermination of Bed Bugs in Metro Atlanta
At Clark Pest Remedy, we are your Atlanta bed bug extermination professionals. We are here to serve your needs for the detection and elimination of bed bugs. We have been in business for over 30 years as Atlanta exterminators and specialize in bed bug detection and elimination. We also have Mattress, Box Spring, encasements that we use for treatments. We have treated thousands of residences with our Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Equipment.

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The best method of bed bug removal is a heat treatment. When using a heat treatment, we will seal the home and use our patented heaters to raise the internal temperature to about 135 degrees. This is hot enough to destroy all pests and their eggs, but not enough to destroy your property or electronics. When heat is applied this way, it penetrates walls and crevices we are unable to reach with traditional pesticides. Heat treatment is 100% non-toxic and will not require you to throw out your mattress or furniture.
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Clark Pest Remedy is an eco-friendly pest control company fully licensed by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture. To protect the environment our exterminators engage in only the latest methods of bed bug extermination available and does not use unnecessary pesticides. All our exterminators & bed bug experts receive continual training in bed bug treatments to ensure they leave a minimum impact on our environment.

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Adult Bed Bug Atlanta
by: Garey Clark  Published - 03-10-2014

Bedbugs or bed bugs are small parasitic insects of the family Cimicidae (most commonly Cimex lectularius). The term usually refers to species that prefer to feed on human blood. All insects in this family live by feeding exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded animals. The name 'bedbug' is derived from the insect's preferred habitat of houses and especially beds or other areas where people sleep. Bedbugs, though not strictly nocturnal, are mainly active at night and are capable of feeding unnoticed on their hosts.

  • A number of health effects may occur due to bed bugs including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Diagnosis involves both finding bed bugs and the occurrence of compatible symptoms. Treatment is otherwise symptomatic.

  • Bedbugs have been known by a variety of names including wall louse, mahogany flat, crimson rambler, heavy dragoon, chinche, and redcoat. Largely eradicated as pests in the developed world (primarily through the use of DDT) in the early 1940s, bedbugs have seen a resurgence since about 1995.

Ten Tips for New Bed Bug Victims

By:    P. J. Bello
Author; The Bed Bug Combat Manual

Date:    September 18, 2015

So there you were, minding your own business when the worst happened, you discovered that you have bed bugs.  Maybe you know how you got them, maybe you don’t but, that may seem to matter little now as you focus on what to do right now to address your situation.  Of course you want to make the right decisions so that you don’t inadvertently make matters worse.  The following tips are provided to get you headed in the right direction:

Don’t panic!  There is no need to panic, become overly distraught or emotionally lose it simply because you have bed bugs. Sure, this is a problem but it’s a temporary situation which can be resolved in a time efficient manner provided that the correct steps are taken. Remember that in difficult situations it’s usually best to remain calm such that you can make good decisions.

Stop! Don’t make rash decisions and don’t throw anything out. Bed bug victims often report that they’ve been advised to throw out infested furniture. It is not necessary to throw out furniture (i.e. sofas, chairs, mattresses, box springs and other such items) simply because there are bed bugs. All we need to do is eliminate the bed bugs. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t throw out your dog or cat just cause it has fleas, you’d just do what you needed to do to get rid of the fleas.

Educate yourself. One of the very best first steps you can take is to educate yourself such that you know about bed bugs. Utilize the information on credible websites which offer valuable information online for free.

Don’t let your bed bugs turn into head bugs!  One of the most debilitating effects of bed bugs observed is the anxiety and related psychological toll that bed bugs can inflict upon an individual. We need to remember that these are blood feeding insects and nothing more. All we need do to eliminate these pests from our homes is to utilize effective methodologies.

It’s bed bugs, not rocket science.  There’s no secret formula to successful bed bug elimination. Essentially all that is necessary is that we inspect and treat all the places where bed bugs are hiding. Of course that may be easier said than done but I’ve not yet seen a bed bug problem that cannot be remediated given sufficient and proper effort.

Hire the right pest professional for you.  There are various published tips on how to select a pest professional.  Do your homework by reading up on this and watching the available brief videos prior to making your purchase decision.

Can’t afford a pro?  High quality professional bed bug work can be costly and many folks find that they simply cannot afford to hire a pest professional. However, this doesn’t mean that all is lost simply because you cannot afford a professional. The do-it-yourself approach can be successful provided suitable guidance from a competent, experienced and knowledgeable source is obtained to assure that your efforts are effective.

Where to get help for free.  Suitable bed bug advice and assistance is available at no cost from various online sources. Even if you don’t have your own computer, online access is available at your local public library. Sources of such information and help include various government agencies, universities and others.

Avoid this common mistake. The most common mistake observed is that people make ill-informed decisions and follow poor advice.  As previously mentioned, this common mistake can be easily avoided through educating yourself about bed bugs.

    10.Online bed bug informational sources include but are not limited to the following:


Bites and Concerns

Bed bugs usually bite people at night while they are sleeping. They feed by piercing the skin with an elongated beak through which they withdraw blood. Engorgement takes about three to 10 minutes, yet the person seldom knows they are being bitten. Bed bugs normally do not reside on people like head or body lice ? immediately after feeding they crawl off and reside elsewhere to digest their meal. Symptoms after being bitten vary with the individual. Many develop an itchy red welt or localized swelling within a day or so of the bite. Others have little or no reaction, and in some people the reaction is delayed. Unlike flea bites that occur mainly around the ankles, bed bugs feed on any skin exposed while sleeping (face, neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, etc.). The welts and itching are often wrongly attributed to other causes, such as mosquitoes. For these reasons, infestations may go a long time unnoticed, and can become quite large before being detected. The likelihood of bed bugs increases if the affected individual has been traveling, or had acquired used beds or furnishings before symptoms started to appear. Bed bugs also are suspect if you wake up with itchy bites you did not have when you went to sleep. Conversely, it is important to recognize that not all bites or bite-like reactions are due to bed bugs. 

Confirmation requires finding and identifying the bugs themselves, which often requires the help of a professional.

Bed Bugs in Atlanta are better controlled using K9 Bed Bug Dogs and Thermal Heat Treatments

  1. bed bugs nesting in couch - Atlanta, Georgia
    Bed Bugs nesting in couch - Atlanta Georgia
  2. Bed Bug Looking for a Meal in Atlanta !
    Bed Bug Looking for a Meal in Atlanta !
Proper Identification of Bed Bugs


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Before Clark Pest Remedy can treat a bed bug infestation, it is important to know where the Bed Bugs are coming from. If your home or business shares walls with other tenants, it is possible that your bed bugs started elsewhere and can potentially re-infest the structure after treatment. Clark Pest Remedy will send one of our expert, state-licensed technicians will perform a thorough walk-through of your home or business. Once we determine the source and scope and the infestation, we will customize a plan of action for you.
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